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How to Start a Business With No Money

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days, you might have a really great idea that you think can change the game or you just might want to have your own business and be your own boss. Either way, chances are that you won’t actually end up doing something because you don’t have the money. However, there are always ways to get around that problem and actually start a business with no, or.. Read More

6 Powerful Muhammad Ali Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Last week we lost Muhammad Ali, “The People’s Champ”. He was undoubtedly the greatest boxer of all time, but at the same time he was a great human being and his life in and outside the ring offers so many great lessons for every human being. As a tribute to the Champ, we have rounded up 6 of his power quotes that can be an inspiration to every entrepreneur: “Impossible is just a big word thrown.. Read More

5 Tips to Create Effective Newsletters

Email Newsletter is one of the most common internet marketing tools, but one of the hardest to do effectively. If not designed correctly many times they are left unread in the inbox. But if you can nail this, newsletters can become a very powerful and highly-effective way to generate leads, increase customer loyalty, and drive organic traffic to your website. Below are some tips that can help you create an effective newsletter campaign: 1. Optimize for Mobile.. Read More

5 Tips for Successful Goal Setting

Goal setting is very important in order to be able to achieve what you desire whether it is personal or professional life. However setting the wrong goals or unrealistic goals can become a roadblock in the path of success.  Here are our five tips to help you set goals that pave the way for the results you want: 1. Define Your Dreams and Goals Humans have the desire of leading a better life and thus they set some.. Read More

5 Reasons to Stop Multitasking

The ability to Multitask is considered a positive trait in a person and usually a mandatory job requirement, however research has now proven that not only does it affect work quality, but may also affect your brain and IQ. 1. Human Brain is Not Built to Multitask. As Devora Zack point out in her article, “Multitasking is a myth; it simply doesn’t exist.” MIT’s Dr. Earl Miller explains that human brain cannot simultaneously process separate streams of information from.. Read More

5 Ways to Be More Productive Working From Home

Working from may home may seem easy, but once you start you get to know how difficult it is to get into the working mode wile you are still in your PJs. Here are some useful tips to make your work from home routine more productive: 1. Set Your Working Hours Melissa Stanger suggests that “If you commit yourself to specific hours like you do at the office, you’re more likely to get work done.. Read More

How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting?

The technological advancements of the modern era has given birth to the idea of having a group of people geographically dispersed working as a team. Although this phenomenon brings in a lot of advantages but also has some problems. One of them might be conducting virtual meetings effectively. Since most of us are used to having face-to-face meetings therefore conducting a virtual meeting that yields the anticipated results might become difficult. Here are.. Read More

4 Ways to Network With Other Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, especially first time entrepreneurs tend to focus on their vision and product so much that they sometimes ignore or underestimate the importance of some other things; networking with other entrepreneurs is one such area. Networking with other like minded people helps one to become better interconnected within their line of work and it also opens doors to new opportunities. So how can entrepreneurs take out time from their busy schedules to fit in networking. Here.. Read More

How to Wake Up Early?

Everyone is aware of the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” However a lot of people struggle with rising up early due to a lot of reasons and habits. But as Leo Babauta writes “Waking early can give you an hour or three of extra time for focus and creativity.” Waking up early has a lot advantages and if you look at the.. Read More

8 Tools to Run Your Business From Anywhere

These days working from has become very common. Surveys show that in 2014 almost 23% of Americans have worked from home. So how to run your business from anywhere? Here are our pick of tools that can enable you to quit the 9-5 routine and run your business from anywhere in the world: 1. Trello (Project Management) Working virtually makes managing projects and teams difficult unless you have a system to track and manage everything. Sujan.. Read More

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