These days working from has become very common. Surveys show that in 2014 almost 23% of Americans have worked from home. So how to run your business from anywhere? Here are our pick of tools that can enable you to quit the 9-5 routine and run your business from anywhere in the world:

1. Trello (Project Management)

Working virtually makes managing projects and teams difficult unless you have a system to track and manage everything. Sujan Patel recommends Trello for effective project and team management. Trello enable you to “create tasks in various lists, drag them from one list to the next, assign them to team members and more.” Start using Trello today and Stay on top of work and manage your team no matter where you are.

2. PayPal or Transferwise

This is one of the easiest solution for sending and receiving money, especially if you tend to work from home or on the go. “No worrying about exchange rates, corrupt banks or mailing payments — just use PayPal to securely send money wherever it needs to go. You can even get a PayPal MasterCard linked to your account to make purchasing easy as well.” (Sujan Patel)

You can also use Transferwise instead of PayPal if it is not supported in your country.

3. Boomerang

According to Nikul Patel Boomerang is a great tool for all those people who work from abroad or on the go. He says that “when you work abroad, the time zone you are in might not match that of your customers and/or employees. Using Boomerang, you will be able to schedule Gmail emails so that they get sent at times of your choice.” It is flexible and compatible with all major browsers.

4. Dropbox

When the whole word is your office, you are going to need a virtual place to safely store all of your documents. As Rose mentions in her article, “the one name that comes to mind is Dropbox.” You can get the basic (free) account or upgrade to a paid one as required. Dropbox is probably the best place to securely store all your important files and also be able to share them with anyone you want.

5. Skype

When you work virtually, you would need figure out some way to connect with clients and co-workers. For this purpose the simplest tool you can use is Skype. You can video call, voice calls, conference call meetings, file sharing etc.

6. Hootsuite

Without maintaining a strong presence on different social media networks it is almost impossible to market and promote your business in the today’s world. Hoosuite is an app that enables you to manage your social media marketing efficiently. “You can schedule posts, receive recommendations on who to friend and follow, pull clickthrough data from your social networks and keep in touch with your customers and partners in one easy-to-understand place.” 

7. MailChimp

Natalie Sisson recommends Mailchimp in her article to “anyone starting out in email marketing because it’s so simple to use, and easy to navigate.” Mailchimp makes your life easier by enabling you to design beautiful newsletters and email without being a pro. You can manage your subscribers, track your campaigns and set up auto-responders to welcome your new subscriber.

8. Perssist

You can not run a business alone. As the business grows, so will the work and you might need an extra pair of hands to take care of the routine tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture. This is exactly what Perssist enables you to do. You can hire Perssist virtual assistants for simple but time consuming business and personal tasks such as research, scheduling appointments, finding a gift for your spouse, etc. Just open your request, mention how much time you need to be spent on the task and enjoy the results.