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5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Being an entrepreneur, running business on your own is a very stressful job. To add to this. the holiday season can bring in more stress as there are deadlines to meet, family events, buying presents and so much more to do. This can be over whelming, especially for first time entrepreneurs. In order survive the holiday season here are our 5 tips that every entrepreneur can use to manage holiday stress: 1. Breathe As Peter Gasca.. Read More

5 Work-Life Balance Tips for Entrepreneurs

From the outside it may look like that an entrepreneur’s life is very easy, however only an entrepreneur can truly know how challenging the startup life is. All entrepreneurs secretly wish to have more hours in a day so that they can spare some time for themselves and their family to maintain a work-life balance. But as we only have 24 hours in a day, so we need to manage this as best as we.. Read More

5 Finance Tips For Entrepreneurs

In order for a business to be successful, there are a number of factors that entrepreneurs need to consider. Keeping your finances in order is maybe one of the most important of these factors. However, all entrepreneurs are not very good at managing their finances — and hence run into a lot of trouble during the initial phase of their business and which might even lead to failing. Here are our top 5 tips.. Read More

5 Things to Do before Launching your startup

Starting a new business is a tough job, especially when it is your very first venture. To make things easier for you, here is our list of things you should do before the launch: 1. Prepare a Business Plan Whether detailed or not, you need to have some sort of a business plan before you launch your startup. As Charlotte Simmonds put it, “Putting a good plan together is the first big step for anyone who.. Read More

6 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

For entrepreneurs who are busy in running their own business or newbies who are laying the foundation to launch their startup, it’s impossible to find time to read the business & leadership books published every year. However it is important to take out time and read about the real life experiences of other successful entrepreneurs in order to learn lessons from their journey and saving you trouble and stress. Since you might not have time to read.. Read More

6 Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Starting your own business is hard, especially when you are a first time entrepreneur and have no previous experience. Getting good advice in the beginning can help you pave your path to success. Thankfully today there are many entrepreneurs and bloggers out there who churn out useful advice daily based on their experiences. Here is our list of best blogs that every entrepreneur should read for getting guidance and help for day to day matters. 1) Paul Graham Paul Graham.. Read More

8 Apps for Small Business Owners

Running a small business may seem like something very easy and simple to the outsiders, but small business owners know what a tough job they have with the limited resources and massive competition. Whether it is customer management, employee and work schedule, tracking finances or social media management, small business owners are mostly on their own. In order to be productive and perform at your 100% it is important to simplify and automate.. Read More

5 Common Mistakes First Time Entrepreneurs Make

Entrepreneurship is a fascinating adventure that everyone thinks of taking at least once in their life, but there a few that that the step. Regardless of the passion with which you may start your venture there are very high risks of failure if you do not execute things correctly. Here are the most common mistakes that first time entrepreneurs make that you should avoid: 1. They Fall Too Much in Love with Their.. Read More

Tips for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

So you have finally taken the plunge of entrepreneurship and now you are thinking what to do next? Starting a new business is not easy and it gets even more difficult as the business grows. The initial period is the toughest where you have to set the foundation of your business in order to achieve your vision. If you do things right here, there are good chances that you will be able to succeed in.. Read More

How to Maximize Time?

Did you know there are ways you could maximize your time? Successful people know how important it is to utilize their time effectively, therefore rather than managing time they are maximizing it. They truly believe that time is money and that is why they value their own time and the time of others. Here are 4 tips that can help you in maximizing your time and getting more done: 1. Track Your Time, Do Personal Accountability.. Read More

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