Working from may home may seem easy, but once you start you get to know how difficult it is to get into the working mode wile you are still in your PJs. Here are some useful tips to make your work from home routine more productive:

1. Set Your Working Hours

Melissa Stanger suggests that “If you commit yourself to specific hours like you do at the office, you’re more likely to get work done during those hours.”

Analyze your day and identify which hours work best for you, it could be any part of the day but once you decide you need to follow your schedule religiously.

2. Choose a Dedicated Work Space

As Eric Devent quotes in his article, “Have a place you go specifically to work. It could be a certain table, chair, local coffee shop — some place that’s consistently your ‘ work space.’ It helps you get into the right frame of mind.” A dedicated work space not only allows you to get into the work mode but also lets other people know this so that they do not disturb you in that time.

3. Take Breaks

Kelsey Libert writes in her article that “It may seem counter-intuitive to take breaks in order to be more productive, but research has shown that the most productive workers focus for 52 minutes, then disengage for 17 minutes. These rest periods help the mind come back refreshed and better prepared to see new angles on challenges. So rather than working non-stop and bringing down your productivity, you should take small breaks in between to freshen up and start with a re-energized focus.

4. Get Dressed for Work

As Melanie Pinola rightly outs it, “getting to work in your PJs is one of the big benefits to working on your own, but it doesn’t help you get into a work frame of mind.” She suggests that one should change into working clothes, not necessariry anything too formal but at least wear pants or a skirt to have that feeling of being at work. Later on you can change into your non-work clothes which will help you create a mental framework for working and then getting off from work as well.

5. Know When to Stop Working

Working from home does not mean that you work all the time or whenever you come up with an idea. As suggested by, “Set defined times when you’re going to work, and then when it passes, stop. You can have a bit of leeway here, but make sure that you don’t end up letting work run your life.”