Did you know there are ways you could maximize your time? Successful people know how important it is to utilize their time effectively, therefore rather than managing time they are maximizing it. They truly believe that time is money and that is why they value their own time and the time of others.

Here are 4 tips that can help you in maximizing your time and getting more done:

1. Track Your Time, Do Personal Accountability

According to Jason Selk the first step is to commit to full accountability for the next 24 hours. No matter what comes up, follow through with every single thing you said you would do or had scheduled.  By doing this you will become more aware of your time and know exactly where it is going. You can then use the insights from this exercise to improve your schedule to make optimal use of your time.

2. Say NO to Social Media Apps

Among those who use social media, the average person spends 3.6 hours per day socializing online“, says Alicia Rades in her post for LifeHack.org. These means we tend to waste around a quarter of the time every day. Social Media apps are a big time waster and thus it is important to hide them from your mobile’s home screen and your computer browser. This is can help you in saving so much time which can be utilized for something more important.

3. Delegate

Your do not need to do everything yourself. You can free up so much time by figure out which tasks can be delegated. The idea is to hand over any tasks that someone else can do — particularly if they can do them faster or just as well as you. This can be applied in both your work and home environments. If you can’t afford to hire someone full time, you can hire a Virtual Assistant, which is affordable and efficient way to get things done.

4. Be predictable.

Urgencies disrupt your daily routine and delays all the tasks you planned for the day. This leads to stress and frustration. According to Jeff Boss, “The more predictability you can introduce into your schedule, the more opportunities you’ll be aware of where you can interject urgencies when they arise.