Running a small business may seem like something very easy and simple to the outsiders, but small business owners know what a tough job they have with the limited resources and massive competition.

Whether it is customer management, employee and work schedule, tracking finances or social media management, small business owners are mostly on their own. In order to be productive and perform at your 100% it is important to simplify and automate as much as you can to free up time to focus on the important aspects of the business. Here are 10 apps that can simplify the life of small business owners:

1. Asana – Project Management

Asana is one of the best project manage apps out in the market. It enables you to manage your project, tasks and team members all at one place. It allows to prioritize tasks, chat with team members. monitor progress, and so much more to keep all your projects and tasks on track. It can also integrate with other apps like Evernote, Google Drive, MailChimp, WordPress, etc. The best part is that basic version of Asana is free for up to 15 users. [Saundra Latham, TheSimpleDollar]

2. Expensify – Expense Management

If you are a business owner who travels a lot then Expensify is a must have app for you. “Expensify, an app that keeps track of business expenses and mileage, while letting users scan and upload receipts.” This apps enable you to keep a track of your expenses and miles traveled all at once. You can organize expenses by trip or by payment method, add your credit card accounts to upload your receipts and reports. [Ilya Pozin, Forbes]

3. Addappt – Contacts Management

With everything going on, it can sometimes become difficult for small business owners to manage their contacts and update them at all times. Addappt solves this problem. It allows your contacts to update their information in your contact list so that you don’t have to do it. The app’s developers say their product allows your social network to “maintain itself.” [Steve Nicastro, Nerd Wallet]

4. Fuze – Videoconferencing

If you need to host a lot of video conference meetings, Fuze is the app for you. It works on all devices and operating systems, offering HD video and clear audio. This is a paid app with a 30-day free trial period. (Steve Nicastro, NerdWallet)

5. BoxMeUp – Inventory Management

Inventory can be a true challenge for small business owners, but with the Boxmeup app makes it simple to manage inventory which can be hassle for small business owners. It enable you to track your containers and find items in them. Plus, Boxmeup turns your smartphone into a label scanner to check your inventory any time, anywhere. [Scott Lynch, Direct Capital]

 6. Square – Payments Management

“Square is transforming the way we transact by empowering anyone with a smartphone or tablet to easily accept credit card payments.” Founded by the creator of Twitter, this app is very useful for small business owners as there are no signup fee and it also lowers the barriers to accepting payments from clients. [Ilya Pozin, Forbes]

7. Google Drive – File Management

There is no doubt that Google Drive has made our lives so much easier. Therefore this is a must have app for both personal and business use. “The Google Drive app allows you to access all of your Google documents from your mobile phone.” It also offers up to 15 GB free memory. If you have to travel a lot and have multiple office locations then Google Drive app will is what you need for making file sharing simple and easy. [Madie Hodges, Kabbage]

8. Robin – Virtual Assistant App

Sometimes all you need is a personal assistant and Robin is exactly that. Robin is like Siri for your business …. not only being able to recognize your voice and email your clients and colleagues but also by giving you traffic updates, parking guidance, personalized radio, and hands-free messaging.” [Madie Hodges, Kabbage]

And if your needs are a little more complicated then what Robin has to offer, you can always contact Perssist for assisting with managing your tasks in a much productive way.