Personal assistants are not just for business people. Yes you read that right. Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. No one is an expert at everything. And you only have 24 hours in one day.

Whether you are a working mom, a busy professional, a traveler or an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of using an on demand personal assistant once in a while. Wondering how? Here are 5 simple tasks that everyone can delegate to an on demand personal assistants to save time:

1. Call Customer Service

Calling customer service is a task that everyone dreads because of the painfully long hold-time. Most people just give up as sometimes you might have to hold for up to an hour. This is a task you should definitely delegate to an on demand personal assistant. Just give them the details of your problem and the rest will be history. Not only will they call customer services for you but they will also follow up on email and calls with them until they get a suitable solution for your problem.

2. Schedule an Appointment

Need to book an appointment at your favorite Salon or book a session with your Dentist. Take off this low priority task from your list and focus on bigger things in life. An on demand personal assistant can easily get this done for you and also send you a calendar reminder to make sure you don’t forget.

3. Find Local Services

Looking for a good gardener in your vicinity? Or need to get your window glass repaired? Or maybe you cracked your iPhone screen and need to get it fixed same day. It is a simple task but it might take up a lot of time which you can spend on something more important. So leave this tedious task of research to an on demand personal assistant and just enjoy the results.

4. Planning an Event

Whether it is a small birthday party or a large wedding, planning everything requires so much research and time in order to execute the perfect event. Doing it alone may seem terrifying and can bring on a lot of stress. Getting help from an on demand personal assistant can not only make planning your event easier, but will also take out the element of stress while maintaining the level of excitement.

5. Find Products

Do you need to find a costume for a party you are planning to go to? Or are you looking for a product online that you can get delivered to your home? Or may be you need to get price comparison done before you buy the new furniture for your house? Well these are all the tasks that an on demand personal assistant can easily take care of. All you need to do is provide them with your requirements and they will provide a number of options to choose from.

Wow, wasn’t that easy. If someone else can do it, delegate it. Time is precious. Save it, to spend it on more important things.