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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Time is the most precious thing for an entrepreneur. Therefore, tasks that hold them back from focusing on the important aspects of business are actually a waste of their time and bring down their productivity. Successful entrepreneurs realize the importance of time and therefore don’t do everything themselves (especially the less important routine tasks). They identify the tasks that can be delegated and hire help in the form of administrative assistants or virtual assistants. With the passage of time,.. Read More

8 Tasks You Should Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Are you feeling like you’re drowning in work? Is your to-do-list not getting done? Is your productivity at an all time low? Well maybe it is time you hired some help. Usually the smaller, simpler tasks in our to-do list consume all our time and leave us little room to focus on bigger and more important things. These are the routine tasks that can be easily delegated to someone else. If you feel that your productivity and performance.. Read More

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Virtual Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are not just for business people. Yes you read that right. Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. No one is an expert at everything. And you only have 24 hours in one day. Whether you are a working mom, a busy professional, a traveler or an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of using an on demand personal assistant once in a while. Wondering how? Here are 5 simple tasks that everyone can.. Read More

Perssist Assistant Profile: Arnella

Arnella is from Jamaica and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northern Caribbean University and is pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She has worked as an assistant manager in a bakery, as an administrative assistant, and also works as a graduate research assistant.  She enjoys discovering new food joints with friends and family, reading, and watching TV crime and supernatural dramas. Arnella is one of the many smart, friendly, and helpful virtual assistants that will be supporting.. Read More

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant you have some considerations to make across a few categories: Scope of the Work What types of tasks do you plan on asking your new VA to do? Perhaps you’ll ask your new assistant to do research, set up appointments, do administrative work, figure out travel arrangements and accommodations, work with WordPress, and maybe do some basic Photoshop? While each of these tasks could be done by a.. Read More

Perssist Assistant Profile: Nikolay

Nikolay is from Ukraine and speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian. He has a Master’s degree from the National Technical University. He defended his dissertation on easy to clean vitreous enamel coatings and was granted a candidate of technical sciences degree. In addition to working with Perssist, Nikolay works as a junior research fellow in the University. He enjoys going to the movies, reading interesting books, or playing some video games. Nikolay is one of the many smart, friendly, and helpful virtual.. Read More

Perssist Assistant Profile: Laur

Laur is from Romania and speaks English, Romanian, and some French. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Romanian-American University and a Master’s degree in Capital Markets, from the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest. He’s worked in a bank and for the city council before working for himself, and joining Perssist. He enjoys listening to music, watching movies, reading, and spending time with his dogs. Laur is one of the many smart, friendly, and helpful virtual assistants that will.. Read More

Perssist Assistant Profile: Britt

Britt is from Belgium, but has lived in Australia, Malaysia, and now lives in England, and speaks English, Dutch, and some French. She has worked for an events company, a cruise line, and as a translator before joining Perssist.  Britt graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from PIKOH in Hasselt, Belgium and enjoys playing tennis, swimming, watching movies, and spending time with friends. Britt is one of the many smart, friendly, and helpful virtual assistants that will be supporting you.. Read More

Perssist Assistant Profile: Silvina

Silvina is from Argentina and speaks English and Spanish, and studied Business Administration at Universidad Empresarial Siglo XXI. She worked in customer service, project management, and supply chain management before joining Perssist. She enjoys spending time outdoors (especially walking her dogs, Ramon and Doris), hanging out with friends, reading, and watching a good TV series or movie. Silvina is one of the many smart, friendly, and helpful virtual assistants that will be supporting you when you sign up for Perssist at

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