Buying a gift for a significant other is another way to show them how much you care. However, here at Perssist we know some days you can’t find the time to shop for and purchase the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Shopping for the significant man in your life can be quite simple, as you already know what he likes and needs. He can only own so many colognes, after all. Shirts and socks are necessities, and not necessarily the most romantic way to say “I Love You.”

So, as Valentine’s Day comes around the corner, allow our proficient assistants to help you make it a perfect day for your perfect man. Our assistants need just a bit of information on his interests, likes and dislikes and we’ll spend the time searching out the perfect gift.

Below is a sample gift request we recently received.

Client’s Request: Please find a unique gift for my 35 year old partner. He can be described as a bit “macho” but he also likes to be very suave and stylish and he is also very sentimental, especially about our relationship. He enjoys sports, drinking out with his buds and TV crime dramas. I’m thinking of a budget of $120. It can be one grand gift or a few small items. Thanks.


With that information our assistant was given a lot to work with. These are some of the gift ideas that were approved by the client.

  1. To appeal to his macho but beauty conscious side we selected this very masculine gift set – The Working Man’s Hygiene Set – $50.00Working Man's Hygiene KitCrafted by a man for men, this makes male beauty practical, sexy and masculine.
  2. Since the client also expressed their partner’s sentimentality we thought this would be a sweet reminder just between them. A personalised bracelet with a sweet message inside for his eyes only $21.62Personalized mens recycled silver
  3. And finally to round things off, something he can show off with the boys a MONOGRAMMED Glass Whiskey Decanter set – $34.00whiskey decanter set


All of these gifts were purchased and shipped directly to the client for added convenience. So lighten your load a little and allow us at Perssist to do the hard work as you shop for a special gift for a special someone.