To delegate usually refers to entrusting another to do something. The truth is, besides excellent personal qualities, understanding the importance of delegating and being able to do it well, is a top professional skill of effective and successful individuals. The ability to efficiently delegate can very well make or break any project or business. To enhance your efficiency as a master delegator here are a few simple tips to getting it right.

  1. Be a match maker – The first step in delegating a task is to find the right person to do it. This requires being confident that the individual dealing with a particular task is equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to get the job done. You choose your delegate based on their efficiency in a particular area or task. Delegating the right task to the right individual saves you time, increases productivity, and ensures that you have ACE individuals to produce the very best work.
  2. It’s ok to be explicit – You have standards for your work and even when you delegate a task you expect those standards to be upheld. The best way to guarantee this is be CLEAR and SPECIFIC about the tasks. Additional instructions that are specific to your personal standard should also be clearly detailed. If you have a specific style that you wish to be followed, your delegate won’t know unless you make that clear. Being clear will go a long way in making your work load lighter.
  3. Know what to delegate – The allotted 24 hours in a day is just not enough to get everything done, but it all must be completed today. Every task you have is important but do YOU need to be the one to attend to each and every task? The clear answer is No. Delegate tasks that do not need your personal expertise to others who are qualified to complete these tasks just as efficiently. Many administrative tasks and even some personal ones can be done by others giving you the time to really focus on what matters.
  4. Know the difference between urgent and important vs important – You have delegated a lot to others but somehow you may still be missing deadlines and everything just seems to always be urgent and important now. However, this seeming chaos can all be stymied if you take a closer look at HOW you are getting things done. When you can clearly organize assignments and tasks in the order they came and by which they may be due, then you have a better idea of what is really urgent and important now. This priority must also be made clear to your delegates. Ensure that you and your delegate is clear on the priority of each assignment to guarantee a more effective team.

Like all skills, delegation requires practice so you can get better at it. Start delegating to Perssist and see your personal and work to-do lists shrink away.