Moving houses or apartments is a challenging thing to do. With all that needs to be packed and transported, it can get rather expensive too. Especially if the movers are not careful and damage goods along the way. This is where hiring the right movers becomes particularly important.

We approach selecting the right mover through online services such as and Unpakt is a website that gets you quotes from multiple movers serving your area. The first step is to enter the address you need the items picked up from and the address you need it delivered to, along with the size of the house and date for moving.


The next step on Unpakt is to list out the number of items and boxes required to be picked up by the mover on the day of the move. We often request this information from our clients if they haven’t provided it to us. This is important because it allows for a more accurate quote.


The third step is to enter specifics, like a preferable time the client would like the movers to arrive and begin work. Once you’ve confirmed the ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses, Unpakt will show the results.


We make note of a few movers, their quotes, and if they include insurance coverage or not. In addition to that, we will also check the reviews for each mover from both Unpakt and Yelp. This will help us decide if the mover has a history of good deliverance or not. Lower quotes but with poor reviews or multiple complaints are rejected since our goal is to satisfy our clients with a ‘job well done’.

Perssist is also able to call up a few select movers and ask about more specific costs and moving requirements. One of the most common complaints about movers are the additional costs placed above the initial quote for things they only seem to encounter on the day of the move. Quotes can vary if packing services are extra. Some movers will occasionally ask for the exact furniture dimensions or may request a site visit to look for any particular requirements before giving a quote. (For some difficult moves, such as up narrow stairways or extraordinarily large items, specialists may be called in to help) Movers will also like to know if the apartment has an elevator or not — because rates can be higher if they are forced to climb up several stories.

These are all examples of pieces of information that Perssist provides our clients to help them decide on the right mover for the job.

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