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How to Select a Moving Company

Moving houses or apartments is a challenging thing to do. With all that needs to be packed and transported, it can get rather expensive too. Especially if the movers are not careful and damage goods along the way. This is where hiring the right movers becomes particularly important. We approach selecting the right mover through online services such as and Unpakt is a website that gets you quotes from multiple movers serving.. Read More

Sample Request: International Document Shipping Costs

This post is by Mithun, one of our great Perssist Assistants ready to help you today!   Shipping documents quickly — How to find the best mailing rates online Suppose you would like to mail some office documents from Shanghai, China, to New York City — given the importance of the documents, you want it to reach New York in less than a week. Well, if speed is of the essence, then the.. Read More

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