Finding emails and contact information for people of interest can be either costly or time-consuming. Have Perssist find leads and contact info for you, and get back to more important things. But if you want to do it yourself, see what it takes…

Find the people that fit your parameters

Do you want to find all the COOs in technology companies with less than 200 employees? Maybe you want to collect the work email addresses for people based in the US, with the job title “project manager”?

You can use or to filter through and find contact names and companies, and filter across many parameters including title, geography, industry, company size, and plenty more. It’s pretty quick to get a long list of relevant contacts, sans actual contact information. You can pay for the contact info at $5 a pop without their costly subscription. Or, you can look up contact info manually.

Find the email addresses

Look up contact info manually by Googling for the person’s name along with the back-half of a potential email address in quotes, for example, try Googling:
Tim Cook “”

Another method for figuring out someone’s work email to is figure out the format of email addresses at that company.  You can do this by searching for other people’s email addresses at the company by Googling something like:
email “”
You’ll see on the first search page for that example, an email address that shows you the email format is, which usually can be applied to anyone else you know works at the company.

Another way to discover company email format is to check one of the following resources:

Verify the email addresses

Verify an email address using the Rapportive gmail extension. If you enter an email address in the To: field while composing an email, Rapportive will show you any social profiles connected to that email (like their LinkedIn, or Facebook profile). It’s a great way to confirm you have the right email, or to guess someone’s email address and see if it pops up, but it’s not 100% foolproof. If nothing shows up it doesn’t mean you have the wrong email, it may just mean that email isn’t associated with any social accounts tracked by Rapportive.

You can also Google for the email address (in quotes) you think is the right one and see if it pops up in any search results.

Get Perssist to Do It

You can save your own time and just submit a request like this to Perssist and we’ll get somewhere between 10-30 contacts per hour, depending on the difficulty of finding the specific contacts.